Because they know best

“E. van Wijk is a consignment specialist with expert knowledge of return consignments. We profit from this every day on inbound deliveries from Germany. They always communicate with our planning department efficiently and correctly, and their pro-active approach is key to the just-in-time delivery of our production components.”

André van Wijk - Head of Transport Planning Inbound

“Van Wijk carries out what we promise our customers – and they’ve been doing so since 1978! We utilise their services across the breadth of their operations, from international transport from Italy to warehousing and daily distribution in the Netherlands.”

Roland Sleutjes - General Manager

“As the first point of contact for customers of Mawipex roofing materials, E. van Wijk is one of our main suppliers. Besides being a vital final link in our supply chain, E. van Wijk is also a reliable partner and sounding board.”

Leon van Zaltbommel - Manager at Mawipex

“What is special about Van Wijk is that they never say ‘no’, even if they have to jump through hoops to get the job done. Mistakes happen in every business from time to time; the difference is how you deal with them. Van Wijk takes this very seriously and always comes up with a suitable and satisfactory solution.”

Bastiaan Albrink - Transport Planner

“Caring, honest and decent. Van Wijk appreciates the urgency of our home dialysis products. We can rely on Van Wijk’s motivated, engaged and committed drivers to get deliveries to kidney patients on time, no matter what.”

Edwin Thorn - Operations manager

“As a true family business, Van Wijk always puts the customer first. They don’t only contribute to the decision-making process, they also look at how and where we can save costs. The most important thing is that we supply our customers and they’ll go to extreme lengths to make this happen.”

Frithjof Eibrink Jansen - European Logistics Manager


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